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i-Mission Science & Tech Learning Trail

4-March, 2018 Kids City Asia

kids city asia

Discover the wonders of science and technology in everyday objects! Experience various engaging activities at SCIA i-Mission Science & Tech Learning Trail. Learn how science and technology can be applied to real-world contexts.

Booth Highlights

Fun with Circuits

Turn everyday objects into a keyboard or mouse! Become an inventor in minutes! Through this activity, participants will recognise the importance of STEM and be familiar with the signature programmes that will be taught at SCIA.

Learn To Code

Learn to code a programme with physical coding blocks or witness drawings turn ‘live’ on the iPad! Through this activity, participants will get a glimpse of the 21st century skills that will be taught at SCIA.

Interact with Robots

Catch these robots in action as children are introduced to the world of coding and robotics through adventure and hands-on play!

Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash: SCIA Raspberry Jam

Calling all Raspberry Pi enthusiasts! Join us at our first meet-and-greet! Share your knowledge with like-minded individuals and get involved in digital making!