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Discover The Wonderful World of SCIA @ Anussa Kids Fair 2019

19-October, 2019 Koh Pich Exhibition & Convention Centre

Anussa SCIA Kids Fair Event

Discover The Wonderful World of SCIA at Anussa 7th Kids Fair 2019: “Green Generation” to be held at Koh Pich Exhibition & Convention Centre! Join us at Zone 4 for an exciting line up of activities that are fun and mind-stimulating! Come experience what learning is like in SCIA classrooms!

Highlights include Making-Your-Own Twirling Helicopters, Koobits Math, and The Sphero Robots. Through Sphero Robots, children are exposed to BLOCK coding, which serves as an introduction to logic thinking, analytical skills and familiarising the children with the “grammar” of coding. Children will also get to create their own clay art with the help of our teachers to demonstrate their ideas and knowledge.  Other fun activities include Ginormous Bubble, Magnetic Fishing and many more!

Join us at the Kids Fair on 19-20 Oct 2019 from 8AM-8PM. See you there!